Regional Group

 With its self-blocking “double-wave” sipes, the W-DE2 range gives you more mileage.
 Throughout the tyre’s life, the “double-wave” sipes guarantee very good grip and excellent traction in all types of weather conditions. 
 For regional and national use, the rubber compound and the optimised tread depth give even wear and excellent mileage performance.
 The rubber compound and tread are adapted to the most varied conditions of use: winding roads, hilly roads, town use.

WIDTH (± 2mm) DEPTH (± 0,5mm) LENGTH (± %2 mm)
230 20 330
240 20 330
250 20 330
260 20 330
275 20 330
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W-ZE2 Regional Group
The shape of the groove limits the retention of stones and extends the life of the casing.
Detailed Review
W-UDL Regional Group
With its self-blocking “double-wave” sipes, the W-DE2 range gives you more mileage.
Detailed Review
W-DA2 Regional Group
The innovative tread pattern limits tread block distortion, ensuring a high level of grip throughout the tyre’s service life.
Detailed Review
W-DA4 Regional Group
For use on long or regional distances allowing transport of passengers in total safety with high comfort in all weather conditions.
Detailed Review
W-DR Regional Group
Genuine all-season performance. 
Detailed Review
W-ZQ Regional Group
Use on all roads and in all weather conditions allowing increased 
Detailed Review
W-TE3 Regional Group
The tread compound that permit to reduce the temperature of the shoulder in order to reduce the heat on these zones. 
Detailed Review
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